Shred Box

Dahle Shred Box

Product Features

  • Fits 20xxx Series shredders only
  • For easy disposal of paper shreds
  • Designed to fit inside the shredder cabinet
  • Allows shred bag to expand to full capacity
  • Durable and reusable corrugated cardboard
  • Reduces mess and particle clean-up
  • Included with the purchase of most shredders
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A Closer Look...

These corrugated boxes are a convenient way to contain your shredded waste until it is ready for disposal. Each box is designed to take up the maximum space available inside the shredder to reduce the frequency of bag changes. These boxes can be lined with Dahle Shred Bags for added convenience in disposing of the shredded waste. A Dahle Shred Box is included with the purchase of most shredders. Additional boxes can be purchased at any time.

Product Specs