Dahle Frequently Asked CuttingMat Questions

FAQs - Dahle Vantage Cutting Mats

What’s the difference between your cutting mats and other manufacturers?

Vantage® cutting mats have self-healing capabilities made possible through 5 layers of PVC Plastics. It’s this specialized formation of plastic that allows cuts to just disappear— which greatly prolongs the life of the mat. Each Vantage® mat contains inch and metric measurements on the top surface as well as 1/2" grid lines, making Vantage® mats the perfect work surface for cutting, drawing and sewing. This mat can be used on both sides.

How clear is your crystal clear mat?

Dahle’s vantage crystal clear mat is the clearest in the industry. This mat is perfect to use for tracing or with a light box.

What would I need a clear cutting mat for?

Please refer to previous question.

What’s the best way to purchase a Vantage Crutting Mat?

Dahle has an extensive dealer network located throughout the world. For the location of a dealer in your area please contact a Dahle Sales Support Representative at (800) 995-1379.

Can my Vantage Cutting Mat be used on both sides?

Yes! Even though there is only a grid on one-side, Dahle cutting mats can be used on both sides.