Dahle Frequently Asked Scissor and Shear Questions

FAQs - Dahle Scissors

What’s the difference between a scissor and a shear?

A shear can be described as having two ground edges on the cutting surface. It’s this double ground edge that allows the shear to wedge itself through thicker material then a scissor is capable of.

What is 56 Rockwell and why is it important?

The Rockwell test measures steel hardness by pressing a small diamond cone into the blade. Steel under 52 Rockwell is considered too soft to protect against deterioration of the edge, and over 60 Rockwell may make the steel to brittle to keep its edge. At 56 Rockwell, our scissors and shears are just right!

How is your comfort grip ergonomically correct?

They are ergonomically correct because their soft gripping surface reduces fatigue from extended use.

What’s the benefit of having screw-fastened blades as opposed to riveted?

Screw fastened blades can be tightened or loosened to the users preference. They also allow the blades to be separated for sharpening. Riveted blades tend to become loose over time and are unable to be sharpened.

What types of materials can your All Around Scissors be used for?

Our All Around Scissors have micro-toothed blades which allow them to cut through thicker material such as mat board, canvas & plastics. This is a great shear to use while cooking in the kitchen or even hunting.

What is Solingen steel?

Solingen steel is named after a community in Germany where steel is produced for the World’s finest cutlery.

What’s the best way to purchase Dahle Scissors/Super Scissors?

Dahle has an extensive dealer network located throughout the world. For the location of a dealer in your area please contact a Dahle Sales Support Representative at (800) 995-1379.

Can I have my Scissors/Super Scissors sharpened?

As with any fine cutlery, eventually the blades may need to be re-sharpened. Dahle does not have a sharpening service but we recommend you call a local knife or scissor sharpener.

What is your warranty on your super shears?

Dahle offers an unconditional lifetime warranty on its Super Scissors.

Where can I purchase replacement parts?

Very few Dahle dealers stock replacement parts so you can purchase these items directly through Dahle North America by calling (800) 995-1379 (North America residents only)