Dahle 40414 Office Shredder

Dahle 40414 Office Shredder

Product Features

  • Feed Width: 10.25"
  • Sheet Capacity: 20 / 24
  • Security Level: P-4
  • Particle Size: 1/8" x 1 9/16 Cross Cut
  • Waste Volume: 30 gal.
  • Features:
    • Precision milled solid cylinders
    • Chain driven for max shredder power
    • SmartPower Energy Management
    • Rubber shock mounted for quiet operation
    • Shreds CDs, staples, paper clips, & credit cards
  • List Price: $2,800

Product Details

This Dahle Shredder features solid cutting cylinders milled from a block of German steel. They're perfectly aligned in an all steel frame and guaranteed for life.
The easy-to-use Command Dial controls all of the shredder's functions including power up, reverse, and continuous run.

Special Features

This Dahle shredder can shred up to 20/24 sheets of paper at a time.
This Dahle Shredder will shred staples, paper clips and credit cards.
This Dahle Shredder has a special opening to shred CDs.
This multi-stage energy management system reduces power consumption after 10 minutes of sitting idle (sleep mode), and completely powers down to a 0% energy draw after 20 minutes of inactivity.
This Dahle shredder is ETL Listed. The ETL Mark is proof of product compliance to electrical and safety standards.
Dahle shredders are German Engineered by Dahle Bürotechnik GmbH using the latest technology and finest materials

A Closer Look...

With the widespread use of network printers and fax machines, confidential business information is constantly being printed throughout the workday. It's important to have a powerful shredder located nearby to easily dispose of this information. This shredder is designed to accommodate the needs of most busy offices. It's a perfect shredder for destroying marketing plans, health records, and any other confidential information that should not be seen by others.

The Dahle 40414 offers a 10.25" feed opening and can shred up to 20/24 sheets of paper at a time. It features full electronic capabilities including such safety features as Automatic Shutoff when the cabinet door is open, and Auto Reverse to prevent an overfeed. Automatic On/Off and Bag Full Auto Off are features that offer both convenience and satisfaction in knowing you will be notified when it's time to change the bag.

Each cutting cylinder is encased in an all-steel frame and sits on rubber shock mounts. It's this design that reduces vibration through the cabinet and provides whisper quiet operation. With its ease of use and state-of-the-art capabilities, this shredder will soon become a favorite meeting place and quite possibly the water cooler of the future.

Those interested in conserving energy as well as reducing electrical costs will enjoy the revolutionary SmartPower Energy Management System. This multi-stage system reduces power consumption after ten minutes of sitting idle (sleep mode), and completely powers down after an additional 20 minutes of inactivity.

Dahle's shredders are German Engineered using the latest technology and finest materials. The end result is a quality machine and peace of mind in knowing your Dahle shredder will provide many years of trouble free operation.

40414 Product Specs

  • Feed Width: 10.25"
  • Particle Size: 1/8" x 1 9/16" Cross Cut
  • Sheet Capacity #20/#16: 20 / 24
  • Security Level: P-4
  • Waste Volume: 30 gal
  • Waste Bag: 20725
  • Dimensions: 17.25" x 21.5" x 36.75"
*Sheet capacity will vary depending on paper size, weight, quality, and sufficient power supply.