Dahle CleanTEC Shredders

DAHLE CleanTEC® Special Features

DAHLE CleanTEC® Filtration

Dahle CleanTEC® FiltrationThe DAHLE CleanTEC® is the World's only shredder with a fine dust filtration system. This integrated system collects fine dust particles created around the cutting cylinders, and forces them into a specialized filter on the back of each machine. This CleanTEC® filter permanently traps up to 98% of the fine dust, and provides a cleaner, healthier work environment.

Dahle Safe Technology

Dahle Safe TechnologyDAHLE CleanTEC® shredders offer the most advanced safety features in the industry. The revolutionary Verbal and Contact Emergency Shutdown allows the user to simply say "Stop" or tap the top cover of the machine, and the shredder immediately stops. Each machine has a steel reinforced feed opening that's only large enough to accept paper. As an added safeguard, this opening contains electronic sensors that will turn the shedder off, should your fingers get too close. An emergency shutoff switch is also located on the back of the machine as yet another level of personal safety.

Dahle Electronic Sensing Protection (ESP)

Dahle Electronic Sensing Protection (ESP)Equipped with ESP (Electronic Sensing Protection), each DAHLE CleanTEC® shredder "Knows" how much paper you're trying to shred and won't allow sheet capacity to be exceeded. The command dial illuminates green when shredding under capacity, yellow when getting close, and red when capacity is exceeded. When illuminated red, the shredder will not operate until paper is removed and proper sheet capacity is met. This feature not only eliminates the guesswork of how much the machine will shred, but it also saves time and frustration caused by an overfeed.

Dahle SmartPower

Dahle SmartPower DAHLE CleanTEC® shredders operate using the intuitive SmartPower Energy Management System. This multi-stage system reduces power consumption after ten minutes of sitting idle (sleep mode), and completely powers down to a 0% energy draw after 20 minutes of inactivity. This makes DAHLE CleanTEC® the most energy efficient shredders on the market. The SmartPower System will appeal to those interested in conserving energy as well as reducing electrical costs.

Dahle EvenFlow Lubricator

Dahle EvenFlow LubricatorJust like any fine tuned machine, your shredder needs to be properly oiled to run at peak performance. But this simple task is often neglected, which causes unnecessary jamming and decreased performance. The Dahle EvenFlow Lubricator is the perfect solution and effectively eliminates the guesswork of "Who", "How Much", and "How Often" your shredder will be oiled. This automatic oiler provides slow, continuous lubrication across the entire cutting mechanism and ensures peak shredder performance (excludes strip cut models).

German Engineered

German EngineeredDAHLE CleanTEC® Shredders are German Engineered by Dahle Bürotechnik GmbH using the latest technology and finest materials. Each component is manufactured and assembled with precision from over 80 years of experience. Dahle shredders use solid cutting cylinders milled from German Solingen steel that are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Other components such as rubber shocks, electronic sensors, and a thermally protected motor produce a quality machine and peace of mind in knowing your Dahle shredder will provide many years of trouble free operation.