Dahle Brand History

On April 1, 1930, Dahle was established by Wilhelm Dahle of Coburg Germany. He created a cutting blade specific to pencil sharpeners. This blade was used by well-known companies like Faber, Lyra, and Staedtler. In 1947, Wilhelm decided to use this blade in his own Dahle branded sharpener. By the early 1960, Dahle became a well-respected name in the market.

Dahle began as a family-owned business and to this day continues to thrive on family values. After 20 years of development and growth, Wilhelm passed the reigns of ownership to his son, Gerald who continued an additional 20 years of successful expansion. Keeping on with tradition, Dahle was passed on to Wilhelm’s grandson, Gerd in 1970. Now in its 70th year of existence, this third-generation family owned business employed hundreds of workers from the towns of Coburg and Rödental Germany.

In 2002, Dahle was purchased by the Erwin Müller Group and later merged with the Novus brand to form Novus Dahle of Lingen Germany. Now with almost 90 years of innovation and product development, the Dahle philosophy remains the same, to continue to create safe and efficient products that best serve the needs of their customers. The Dahle brand is recognized for producing high quality office products and business machines and offers distribution to over ninety countries.

A Look Back in Time

  • 1930 On April 1st, Dahle was founded by Wilhelm Dahle and began production of pencil sharpener blades in Coburg, Germany.
  • 1947 Dahle introduces its first branded Pencil Sharpener.
  • 1950 Succession of the company is given to Wilhelm Dahle’s son, Gerald.
  • 1960 Dahle introduces its first Guillotine Paper Trimmer, developing a revolutionary Automatic Safety Guard in 1962 that is still in use today.
  • 1970 Succession of the company is given to Wilhelm Dahle’s grandson, Gerd.
  • 1974 The first line of Rolling Paper Trimmers is introduced.
  • 1978 Dahle North America, Inc. is formed as Dahle’s first joint venture outside of Germany.
  • 1980 Dahle introduces the Cut Cat, a personal rolling trimmer that would evolve into the 507/508 trimmers, a #1 customer favorite still today.
  • 1985 Dahle introduces its first line of Industrial Paper Shredders.
  • 1988 Due to the growing consumer demand for document security, Dahle introduces it’s first line of Personal Paper Shredders.
  • 2002 Dahle is purchased by the Erwin Müller Group of Lingen, Germany, becoming Dahle Bürotechnik GmbH
  • 2010 Dahle introduces SafeTEC line of shredders with verbal emergency shut off features for ultimate safety.
  • 2010 The Dahle CleanTEC is introduced as the only shredder in the world to feature an integrated Fine Dust Filter that eliminates 98% of pollution caused during the shredding process.
  • 2012 Under the Erwin Müller Group, Dahle is reformed to coexist with the Novus brand to form Novus Dahle GmbH & Co.
  • 2015 Dahle introduces a complete line of Oil-Free Paper Shredders.
  • Summer 2019 Dahle introduces ShredMATIC® line of auto-feed shredders. This concept was originally developed by Dahle in 2001 and now includes a full range of machines.
  • Fall 2019 Dahle North America, Inc. introduces a new complete range of industrial paper and digital media shredders.

Our Responsibility to the World

Dahle strives to create sustainable manufacturing and distribution processes that limit the impact on the environment. They take this responsibility seriously and are continuously improving their global footprint under the Environmental Management Standard EN ISO 14001. Dahle recognizes that top-quality materials, flawless workmanship, and superior functionality are the three elements to creating a product that endures. These defining factors are of the utmost importance to Dahle in their quest to improve the work-life of individuals throughout the world.