Dahle Frequently Asked Large Format Guillotine Questions

FAQs - Dahle Large Format Guillotines

Your cutter are self-sharpening. Does that mean I will never need a new blade?

Our trimmers have a metal blade on the base so each time it is used; the cutting blade sharpens itself . As with any fine cutlery, eventually the blade could wear down and need to be re-sharpened or replaced. For a longer life, run the blade up and down several times without paper. This will perform a sharpening action similar to that of a kitchen knife.

How are your paper cutters self-sharpening?

The action is similar to sharpening knives. Dahle guillotines feature two blades, one on the handle and on fixed to the base. The lever style blade slides down along the lower fixed blade at such an angle that it improves the cutting edge. Paper does not have to be present for this action to occur. The grinding together of the two metal surfaces hones the cutting edge.

Sharp objects make me nervous, what are some safety features to prevent me from getting hurt?

Safety is Dahle’s #1 concern. We realize our responsibility in designing safety features that are useful, automatic and unobtrusive to the user. The following are safety features incorporated on most of our Large Format Guillotines:

Are your cutting blades replaceable?

The cutting blades are replaceable. You can contact us directly at (800) 995-1379.

Why is sheet capacity listed in a trimmers specifications?

Sheet capacity is a standard specification used to measure the capability of the paper trimmer. While the effectiveness of a trimmer should not be measured in sheet capacity alone, it is a helpful guide to it capability. It’s important to note that while Dahle trimmers remain accurate even up to their full capacity, other factors can come into play such as the exact placement of your printed material on each sheet.

What do the imprinted lines and numbers on the base of the cutter represent?

The grids and numbers represent standard cutting sizes. Dahle products are German Engineered, so some of the grids represent European paper sizes.

How long will my cutting blade last?

The life span of a cutting blade varies depending on what you are cutting and how often the trimmer is used. You can contact a Customer Relations Representative to help you choose a trimmer that suits your needs.

Can I sharpen the blade on my Large Format Guillotine?

It is very important to maintain a sharp blade on your Dahle professional cutter. Continued use of this product with a dull blade can lead to damage of non user replaceable parts. While these blades can be re-sharpened, Dahle does not offer this as a service. We recommend you contact a local knife or scissor sharpener and have a spare blade on hand to eliminate downtime. Spare blades can be purchased through Dahle.

Can the blade fall down accidentally?

Safety is Dahle’s #1 concern. Our cutters are designed so that the blades will stay in whatever position they are left in. This is safety feature to prevent personal injury. Over time, the lever arm may need to be tightened.

Where can I purchase replacement parts?

Very few Dahle dealers stock replacement parts so you can purchase these items directly through Dahle North America by calling (800) 995-1379..