Dahle Frequently Asked Sharpener Questions

FAQs - Dahle Sharpeners

How can your rotary sharpeners be portable?

Dahle Rotary Sharpeners feature an automatic cutting system that automatically feeds the pencil into the sharpener. This allows you to hold the sharpener with one hand and sharpen it with the other. For your convenience, we include a mounting clamp for temporarily mounting the sharpener to a flat surface.

What is the automatic cutting system and how does it benefit me?

Please refer to above question.

What is the Point Adjuster for?

The point adjuster is a small knob locked on the hand crank of Dahle Rotary Sharpeners. By rotating the knob from left to right you can adjust the degree of sharpening from a blunt to a super fine tip.

How do I clean the cutting blade?

Wax from colored pencils can often build up on the cutting surfaces of the sharpeners. To help remove the wax you can remove the rotary crank and use the end of a paper clip to remove any debris.

Can I replace the blades on my hand held sharpeners

Yes, the blades are replaceable on the sharpeners.

Where can I purchase replacement parts?

Very few Dahle dealers stock replacement parts so you can purchase these items directly through Dahle North America by calling (800) 995-1379.