Dahle Frequently Asked Stack Cutter Questions

FAQs - Dahle Stack Cutters

Sharp objects make me nervous, what are some safety features to prevent me from getting hurt?

Safety is Dahle’s #1 concern. We realiz

e our responsibility in designing safety features that are useful, automatic and unobtrusive to the user. Dahle Stack Cutters feature safety shields on either side of the blade to and prevents the blade from moving while they are up.

How long do the cutting blades last?

The life span of a cutting blade varies depending on what you are cutting and how often the trimmer is used. You can contact a Customer Relations Representative to help you choose a trimmer that suits your needs.

Why is sheet capacity listed in a stack cutters specifications?

Sheet capacity is a standard specification used to measure the capability of each stack cutter. While the effectiveness of a cutter should not be measured in sheet capacity alone, it is a helpful indication of it's capability.

What do the imprinted lines and numbers on the base of the cutter represent?

The grids and numbers represent standard cutting sizes. Dahle products are German Engineered, so some of the grids represent European paper sizes.

I’m not very strong, how hard is it to cut through 700 sheets of paper?

Believe it or not, it's extremely easy to cut through 700 sheets of paper using a Dahle Stack Cutter. These machines are designed so only a slight amount of force is needed to cut through a rather large stack of paper.

Do I need to purchase a stand for your Stack Cutters?

The stands are not included with the cutter but can be purchased separately. The benefit of the stand is that it places the cutter at the optimal height required for pressing down on the handle.

Why aren’t the stands included with the Stack Cutters?

Some print shops or copy centers have their own tables or stands set up and would prefer to place the cutter on them. For the most effective use of this cutter, please refer to the user’s manual for proper height adjustment.

What is a self-locking backstop?

A self-locking backstop is the paper guide that is set to the desired cutting length. It’s made self-locking through the rotary handle that can only be engaged through direct pressure. This ensures optimal accuracy and prevents accidentally moving the backstop.

What’s the best way to buy a cutter?

Dahle has an extensive dealer network located throughout the world. For the location of a dealer in your area please contact a Dahle Customer Relations Representative at (800) 995-1379.

Can I sharpen the blade on my Stack Cutter?

It is very important to maintain a sharp blade on your Dahle professional cutter. Continued use of this product with a dull blade can lead to damage of non user replaceable parts. While these blades can be re-sharpened, Dahle does not offer this as a service. We recommend you contact a local knife or scissor sharpener and have a spare blade on hand to eliminate downtime. Spare blades can be purchased through Dahle.

Can the blade fall down accidentally?

Safety is Dahle’s #1 concern. Our cutters are designed so that the blades will stay in whatever position they are left in. This is safety feature to prevent personal injury. Over time, the lever arm may need to be tightened.

Is my cutting blade replaceable?

The cutting blades are replaceable. You can contact us directly at (800) 995-1379.

Where can I purchase replacement parts?

Very few Dahle dealers stock replacement parts so you can purchase these items directly through Dahle North America by calling (800) 995-1379..