Dahle Press Releases

Dahle Press Releases

John Motley and Associates to Represent Dahle North America, Inc.- 3/2018

Novus B50 Stapler- Jam Proof Performance in a Modern Design- 1/2017

Novus B40 Stapler- Sleek, New Design for a Customer Favorite- 1/2017

Novus B56 Stapler- Power and Performance for Larger Applications- 1/2017

Dahle Introduces MHP Oil-Free Shredders- 4/2016

Dahle Announces Curt Zingaro as Eastern Regional Sales Manager- 1/2016

Dahle Introduces 472S Premium Rolling Trimmer- 6/2015

Seth Porter Promoted to Technical Service Manager- 9/2014

Dahle Introduces Six Foot Premium Rolling Trimmer- 7/2014

Dahle Introduces Shredders With Revolutionary Safe Technology- 12/2012

Dahle Introduces EvenFlow Lubrication- 2/2012

Dahle Introduces Intuitive Data Destruction- 2/2012

Dahle Enters New Era of Data Destruction- 2/2012

Dahle Integrates Energy Conservation With Data Destruction- 1/2012

Dahle Introduces New Deskside Shredders- 12/2011

Dahle Introduces Enhanced Department Shredder Line- 12/2011

DAHLE CleanTEC® Shredder Wins PBS Product of the Year!- 2/2011

Dahle unveils DAHLE CleanTEC® Shredders- 1/2011

CRD Distribution becomes new distributor of Dahle Cutting & Office Products- 1/2010

Dahle Office Shredders: Keeping Medical Information Private- 10/2009

Dahle Launches Website Redesign- 9/2009

Dahle Professional Series Rolling Trimmers- 1/2009

Dahle Offers new Shredder Performance Kit- 1/2009

Dahle Names Andy Milkey as National Sales Manager for Cutting & Office Products- 11/2007

Dahle Offers Laser Guided Stack Cutters- 1/2007

CRD Distribution Forms Partnership with Dahle- 10/2006

Dahle Introduces New Office Shredders- 3/2006

Dahle Introduces New Line of Deskside Shredders- 3/2006

Dahle's New Personal Rotary Sharpener- 3/2006

Dahle Introduces New Laser Guillotine- 1/2006

Dahle Introduces New Department Shredder- 1/2006

Dahle Rolling Trimmers - The Ultimate in Precision & Safety- 10/2005

Back to School with Dahle- 6/2004

Dahle Personal Trimmer Kit- 9/2003

Dahle Card Maker- 9/2003

Dahle High Security Shredders- 7/2003

Dahle Introduces Premium Rolling Trimmers- 7/2003

Dahle Vantage®Scissors- 6/2003

Chris Jackson Promoted to Marketing Manager- 7/2003

Dahle Super Scissors- 4/2003

Dahle Vantage®Comfort-Grip Scissors- 4/2003

Dahle Breaks into Scrapbooking- 1/2003

Dahle Trim Ruler-1/2003

Dahle Personal Trimmers- 10/2002

Dahle Vantage®Trimmers- 9/2001

Dahle North America, Inc. Gives Back to Local Schools- 9/2001

Dahle Hosts International Meeting- 8/2001