919 CB Output Conveyor
919 CB Output Conveyor
919 CB Output Conveyor
Dahle 919 CB Output Conveyor

The PowerTEC 919 CB is a high capacity output conveyor for delivering shredded waste to a large recycling bin or baler. It features a 16” wide rubber belt, adjustable output speed, and convenient 50” delivery height. The conveyor plugs directly into the PowerTEC 919 IS Industrial Shredder and easily locks in place.

  • 16" wide rubber conveyor belt rapidly removes shredded waste
  • Provides unlimited waste volume to PowerTEC 919 IS
  • 50" delivery height for easy placement above a recycling bin or baler
  • Adjustable output speed with the turn of a dial
  • Plugs directly into PowerTEC 919 IS- No additional power needed
  • Steel construction with rolling casters for easy placement
List Price: $4,900

Product Details


Decibel Level 65 dB
Speed 49
Dimensions 92.25" × 25.75" × 50.5"
Power Supply 220v (plugs into 919 IS)
Warranty 1 Year