Dahle Professional Rolling Trimmers and Paper Cutters

Dahle Trimmers & Cutters

Whether you are interested in trimming a single sheet of paper or a stack of 700, Dahle paper cutters will give you the results you desire. Our blades have a self-sharpening precision graduated edge which gives you the ability to shave the smallest piece from the edge of your paper. These results are achieved from over 75 years of cutting and sharpening experience.

Engineered and developed by Dahle, our products are factory tested before release and designed to meet the strictest safety standards in both personal and professional grade products. You can have the piece of mind in knowing you are about to purchase a quality product that will provide many years of precise results and trouble-free operation. For assistance, contact Dahle Customer Relations at (800) 995-1379.

Rolling TrimmersDahle Rolling Trimmers

  • Max Cut: Up to 72"
  • Capacity: Up to 30 sheets
  • Blade Type: Rotary
  • Cuts in both directions
  • Ground self-sharpening blades

GuillotinesDahle Guillotines

  • Max Cut: Up to 27 1/2"
  • Capacity: Up to 35 sheets
  • Blade Type: Lever
  • Integrated safety features
  • Most w/self-sharpening blades

Stack CuttersDahle Stack Cutters

  • Max Cut: Up to 18 5/8"
  • Capacity: Up to 700 sheets
  • Blade Type: Straight
  • Integrated safety features
  • Optional stand available