Dahle's New MSP Oil-Free Shredders

Introducing Dahle's New MHP Oil-Free Shredders!

Wondering when your shredder was last oiled is no longer a concern with Dahle's oil-free, hassle-free shredders. Through clever engineering, these machines maintain peak performance without the aid of oil, and reduce the chance of a paper jam. Dahle Oil-Free Shredders are not only convenient to use and economical to maintain, but also easier on the environment.

Oil free shredding is made possible by the hybrid MHP cutting cylinders. Aggressive cutting edges are fused to a solid steel shaft, creating an incredibly strong bond. The cylinders Trident Grip design produces three continuous points of contact with the paper, pulling it straight through the cylinders. This smooth, even pull prevents the paper from becoming wedged to either side, and provides unprecedented jam protection.

Dahle's MHP Oil-Free shredders are German Engineered using the latest technology and finest materials. The end result is a quality machine and peace of mind in knowing your Dahle shredder will provide many years of trouble free operation. We're so confident in our new MHP technology that we guarantee the cutting cylinders for life!

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