Dahle Art & Office Products

Creating products for professionals to make work-life tasks safer and more efficient while committing to exceed the needs of our customers.


Whether you are interested in trimming a single sheet of paper or a stack of 700, Dahle paper cutters will give you the results you desire.

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Secure information should never fall into the wrong hands. Dahle paper shredders are your best line of defense in preventing unauthorized access to secure information.

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Cutting Mats

Protecting your cutting surface is the function of a cutting mat, but there’s a lot more to Dahle North America’s Vantage® Self-Healing Mats.

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When creativity strikes your pencil needs to be ready! With many shapes and sizes to choose from, Dahle offers many solutions to ensure that you’re never scrambling to sharpen your creative instrument.

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Dahle scissors are designed for performance and comfort. Our handles are form fitting to gently fit around your fingers and reduce fatigue during extended use.

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