Steel blades hone themselves as you cut for long-lasting performance.
Precision, Self-Sharpening Blades
Safety is a priority at Dahle and each trimmer is equipped with protective features to prevent injury.
Innovative Safety Features
Metal bases provide a firm, stable worksurface and will never warp or crack.
Durable Metal Base
Dahle Personal Rotary Trimmers are self-sharpening, precise, and ideal for trimming paper and photographs.
Precision Trimming
Automatic clamps hold your work securely as you cut so your work won't shift or fan.
Automatic Clamp
Dahle trimmer blades are machine ground for superior sharpness and smooth cuts.
Machine Ground Sharpness
Set the adjustable back stop for repetitive trimming.
Adjustable Guide

Dahle Trimmers

Dahle trimmers prove their worth with every cut. Engineered and developed in Germany, each product carries with it the quality synonymous with the Dahle name. Self-sharpening steel blades, metal bases, and unique safety features ensure Dahle trimmers are highly accurate, long-lasting, and a pleasure to use. We offer a complete line of personal and commercial-grade products that deliver precise results with every use.

Dahle Rotary Trimmers offer control and accuracy for general trimming and creative projects.

Rotary Trimmers

Highly precise, these trimmers offer control and accuracy for fine trimming and creative projects.

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Dahle Guillotine Trimmers offer powerful precision for trimming multiple sheets and thicker material.


These durable cutters offer power and precision for efficient trimming of multiple sheets and thicker materials.

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Dahle Stack Cutters can handle up to 700 sheets of paper with minimal effort and in complete safety.

Large Format Trimmers

Commercial grade trimmers with outstanding precision and capacity.

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Dahle Stands and Accessories ensure that your Dahle product performs at peak performance.

Trimmer Stands

To ensure that your Dahle product performs at peak performance, we recommend using Dahle trimmer stand.

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