Dahle PowerTEC® Industrial Shredders feature powerful motors, high shredding capacities, and conveyor options.
Heavy-Duty, High Capacity Shredding

Dahle Digital Media Shredders

Dahle's PowerTEC® 8OO Series shredders are the perfect machines for safely destroying hard drives, SSDs, cell phones, optical media, and paper. They feature a powerful chain-driven motor, automatic jam protection, and simple, push-button operation. These multimedia shredders are precision engineered to ensure your confidential information on digital devices can never be seen again.

  •  PowerTEC® 808 MS Media Shredder
    • Digital Media Shredder
    • Security Level O-3
    • Media Type SSDs, Cell Phones
    • Online Price $7395
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  •  PowerTEC® 818 HD Hard Drive Punch
    • NSA/CSS Specification 04-02
    • Security Level H-3
    • NSA Volume Rating High
    • Media Type Hard Drives
    • Online Price $4295
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  •  PowerTEC® 828 HD Hard Drive/Paper Shredder
    • Hard Drive Shredder
    • Security Level P-3
    • Media Type Hard Drives
    • Online Price $14995
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