Monitor arms, paper shredders and office essentials from Novus and Dahle ensure a comfortable, secure work day.
Comfort and Security

Work From Home Solutions

Working from home has its challenges. How can you be productive without standard office equipment and conveniences? How do you set up a comfortable at-home workstation? How do you protect sensitive office documents?

We've hand-picked products from Dahle and Novus that enhance your ergonomic comfort, install easily in small spaces, and ensure document security at home.

Designed for smaller workspaces, Novus MY monitor arms elevate monitors and tablets to maximize available workspace.

Monitor Arms

Comfort is key no matter where you work. Monitor arms adjust for an ergonomic viewing position and maximize limited space by lifting monitors off your work surface.

  • Novus MY One Plus c
    • Mount System Clamp
    • Reach 16.34"
    • Height 13.75"
    • Capacity 11 lbs
  • Novus MY Twin Arm c
    • Mount System Clamp
    • Reach 16.34"
    • Height 13.75"
    • Capacity 22 lbs
  • Novus CLU II c
    • Mount Clamp, Screw, Grommet
    • Reach 17"
    • Capacity 15 lbs
    • Colors
  • Novus CLU Duo c
    • Mount Clamp, Screw, Grommet
    • Reach 13"
    • Capacity 30 lbs
    • Colors

Convenient, portable, and personal sized shredders ideal for destroying confidential documents.

Paper Shredders

Information security is critical for a home office. Destroy documents and optical media with an oil-free, maintenance-free shredder that's small enough to fit under your desk and offers peace of mind you're not risking sensitive company information.

These complete workstations are designed to help you organize your work area, maximize available space and improve productivity.


Complete sets offer an all-in-one solution for creating a comfortable, organized space. Personalize your viewing position and lift accessories and laptops off your work surface to maximize space.

  • Novus Office Max
    • Add a little privacy to your workspace with this full SlatWall workstation.
  • Novus Office Toolbar
    • Lift your monitor and desk essentials off the work surface to stay organized and productive.
  • Novus Business Combination
    • Ideal for home offices or for professionals who live on their laptops.

Dahle Personal Rotary Trimmers are self-sharpening, precise, and ideal for trimming paper and photographs.

Office Necessities

All you need for day-to-day tasks, these products are dependable helpers for work and creative pursuits.