To ensure that your Dahle product attains peak performance, we recommend only using Dahle branded supplies and accessories.
Optimal Height and Stability

Dahle Trimmer Stands

Dahle trimmer stands ensure peak performance by providing a stable foundation and the ideal cutting height. They are developed and tested with the safety and convenience of our customers in mind as well as the longevity of our products.

  • Dahle 796 Trimmer Stand
    • Dahle 796 Stand for 446 Premium Rotary Trimmer
  • Dahle 798 Trimmer Stand
    • Dahle 798 Stand for 448 Premium Rotary Trimmer
  • Dahle 799 Trimmer Stand
    • Dahle 799 Stand for 472 Premium Rotary Trimmer
  • Dahle 712 Stack Cutter Stand
    • Dahle 712 Stand for 842 and 846 Professional Stack Cutters
  • Dahle 718 Stack Cutter Stand
    • Dahle 718 Stand for 848 Professional Stack Cutter