Located in Peterborough, New Hampshire, we offer a full line of Dahle, Novus, and Novus More Space System office products.
Dahle North America, Inc.

About Dahle

Dahle North America, Inc. is a customer-oriented company committed to providing the highest quality products and services to meet the needs of our customers. Founded in 1976, we are a subsidiary of Novus Dahle GmbH of Lingen Germany, and are located in Peterborough, NH. Dahle N.A. distributes Dahle and Novus branded products to a network of resellers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The Dahle Brand

Recognized worldwide, the Dahle name is synonymous with quality and innovation. Dahle products are engineered and developed in Germany and exceed the most serious demands for performance. Founded in 1930, Wilhelm Dahle first began producing steel cutting discs for pencil sharpeners. Throughout the years, Dahle’s product popularity and reputation for customer satisfaction have grown worldwide. Using the strictest standards for quality, all Dahle products are guaranteed to give the highest level of performance that customers have come to expect.


We offer a wide variety of personal, professional, and industrial office products and equipment. Our core products are German-engineered with the most advanced performance and safety features. These include:

Paper & Digital Media Shredders
Paper Trimmers & Cutters
Pencil Sharpeners
Self-Healing Cutting Mats

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For questions or assistance, please contact us via chat, email, or call 800-995-1379.

A Brief History

It all started with a blade. In 1930 Wilhelm Dahle developed and sold steel sharpening blades to well-known pencil manufacturers like Faber, Lyra, and Staedtler. Seeing an opportunity, he branded the first Dahle Pencil Sharpener in 1947, and the innovative company we know today was born.


Over the years, Dahle blades sparked the innovation of unique paper trimmers and paper shredders that to this day lead the industry in quality and safety.



1930 – April 1st, 1930 Dahle is founded by Wilhelm Dahle in Coburg, Germany, and begins production of pencil sharpener blades.

1947 – Dahle introduces its first branded Pencil Sharpener, the Dahle 99 Pencil Sharpener.

1960 – Dahle introduces its first Guillotine Paper Trimmer, adding a revolutionary rotating safety guard that is still used today in Dahle Premium Guillotines.

1974 – The first line of Rotary Paper Trimmers is introduced.

1978 – Dahle North America, Inc. is established in Connecticut becoming Dahle’s first joint venture outside of Germany.

1980 -- Dahle introduces the Cut Cat, a personal rotary trimmer that would evolve into the popular 507/508 Personal Rotary Trimmers of today.

1985 – Dahle introduces its first line of Commercial Paper Shredders.

1988 – Due to the growing consumer demand for document security, Dahle introduces its first line of Personal Paper Shredders.

2002 – Dahle is purchased by the Erwin Müller Group of Lingen, Germany, becoming Dahle Bürotechnik GmbH

2010 – Dahle introduces the SafeTEC® line of shredders with voice-activated emergency shut off.

2010 – The Dahle CleanTEC® is introduced as the industry’s only shredder to feature an integrated Fine Dust Filter that eliminates 98% of fine paper dust.

2012 – Under the Erwin Müller Group, Dahle is merged with the Novus brand to form Novus Dahle GmbH & Co.

2015 – Dahle introduces a complete line of Oil-Free Paper Shredders.

6/2019 –Dahle introduces the ShredMATIC® line of auto-feed shredders, a concept first developed by Dahle in 2001.

9/2019 –Dahle North America, Inc. introduces PowerTEC, a line of industrial media shredders that are capable of digital media, cell phones, hard drives, and more.

4/2020 –Dahle introduces new Professional Series Rotary Trimmers.

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