These ultra-powerful machines take security destruction to the next level — designed to destroy paper and several forms of digital media.
Complete Data Destruction

Dahle PowerTEC® Shredders

PowerTEC® Shredders offer the muscle and endurance for a variety of data destruction needs. These chain-driven powerhouses provide high security, digital media, and high capacity options for next-level data security.

Paper & Optical

High security data destruction.

  • Dahle PowerTEC® 707 PS Paper Shredder
    • NSA/CSS Specification 02-01
    • Security Level P-7
    • NSA Volume Rating High
    • Media Type Paper
  • Dahle PowerTEC® 717 OS Optical Shredder
    • NSA/CSS Specification 04-02
    • Security Level O-5
    • NSA Volume Rating High
    • Media Type Optical
  • Dahle PowerTEC® 727 CS Paper/Optical Shredder
    • NSA/CSS Spec. 02-01 / 04-02
    • Security Level P-7 / O-5
    • NSA Volume Rating High
    • Media Type Paper / Optical

Digital Media

Hard drive, SSD, cell phone and optical media destruction.


High volume data destruction.


For efficient, continuous shredding.