With many styles and sizes to choose from, Dahle pencil sharpeners ensure the perfect point for your creative instrument.
Dahle Sharpener FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions- Sharpeners

We understand that selecting the right pencil sharpener to fit your needs can be difficult. At Dahle, we receive many questions on the performance and capabilities of our sharpeners. To help answer some of your questions we have compiled a list of the ones we are asked most frequently. For additional information, you can contact Dahle Customer Relations at (800) 995-1379.

Do your pencil sharpeners take oversize pencils?

Yes. Each of our Rotary Sharpeners and the 53465 Hand Held Sharpener accept oversize pencils.

What is the automatic cutting system and how does it benefit me?

Dahle Rotary Sharpeners feature an automatic cutting system that gently pulls your pencil into the sharpener as you turn the handle. When sharpening is complete, the handle will spin freely so you’ll never over-sharpen.

What is the point adjuster for?

The point adjuster is a small knob locked on the hand crank of Dahle Rotary Sharpeners. By rotating the knob clockwise you can adjust the degree of sharpening from a blunt to a super-fine tip.

Are your pencil sharpeners electric?

No, we only carry manual sharpeners.

Do you have a sharpener that mounts to a desk?

Dahle Rotary Sharpeners come with an optional desk mount.

How do I clean the cutting blade on my rotary sharpener?

The wax from colored pencils can often build up on the cutting surfaces of the sharpeners. To help remove the wax you can remove the rotary crank and use the end of a paper clip to remove any debris from the cylinder.

Are your rotary sharpeners portable?

Dahle Rotary Sharpeners are lightweight so they can be carried with you. Each model includes a convenient table mount for mounting on any stable surface edge.

Where can I purchase replacement parts?

Please contact a Dahle Customer Relations Specialist for price and availability at (800) 995-1379.

What’s the best way to purchase a Dahle pencil sharpener?

Dahle has an extensive network of authorized dealers. They can be found with an internet search for the product you need or you may contact a Dahle Customer Relations Specialist for assistance at (800) 995-1379.

How do I become a dealer?

Please visit our Join Our Team page to apply.

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