Dahle 301 Lead Pointer

Dahle's 301 Lead Pointer gently shaves the outer edge of 2m leads, providing a perfectly contoured tip.

  • Lightweight and portable to take anywhere
  • high-quality plastic body catches lead shavings
  • Automatic cutting stop mechanism
  • Two measuring devices for writing or precision drawing points
  • Includes cleaning plug for excess shavings

A Closer Look

Whether you are drafting or sketching, your lead pointer needs to be ready when creativity strikes! Dahle offers many solutions to ensure that you’re never scrambling to sharpen your creative instrument. Dahle's Lead Pointers are designed to be used on 2mm drafting leads, these sharpeners gently shave the outer edge of the leads and provide a perfectly contoured edge. Each unit features integrated steel milled blades that the pencil rotates around and spins freely once fully sharpened. Dahle Lead Pointers are handheld devices with plastic bodies that catch lead shavings and include a cleaning plug to remove excess lead shavings. The 301 includes an automatic cutting stop mechanism to prevent over-sharpening. This model also features two measuring devices, one for writing and one for precision drawing points. Lightweight and portable enough to take anywhere, Dahle’s Lead Pointers are the perfect addition to any drafting or sketching kit.


  • Item # 00301-21354
  • EAN 4007885783017
  • Pencil Type 2mm Lead
  • Replaceable Blade Yes
  • Dimensions (in) 1.5 x 1.5 x 2.5
  • Warranty Lifetime (excludes cutting blade)
  • MSRP $12.95

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