Dahle Professional Rolling Trimmers

Dahle Professional Rolling Trimmers

Rolling Trimmers are the new generation of paper cutters. Designed for safety and accuracy, the cutting blades are encased in a plastic housing that virtually eliminates the chance of personal injury. The rotary action of these trimmers allow the blade to cut in either direction and sharpen itself as it cuts. It’s this self sharpening action that produces a clean burr-free cut and guarantees many years of smooth precise cutting.

Dahle Professional Rolling trimmers are designed for heavy duty applications where precision is essential. These trimmers are equipped with a ground self-sharpening blade that cuts in either direction. Most models in this series have a cutting capacity of up to 20 sheets of paper at a time and are perfect for cutting paper, trimming photographs, and large format printing. These trimmers can be wall mounted and the two larger sizes have optional floor stands. Dahle Professional Rolling Trimmers are available in 14", 20", 28", 37" and 51" cutting lengths and are a popular choice among professional photographers, print shops and graphic design agencies. For assistance, contact Dahle Customer Relations at (800) 995-1379.


Dahle 550 Professional Rolling Trimmer


Dahle 552 Professional Rolling Trimmer


Dahle 554 Professional Rolling Trimmer


Dahle 556 Professional Rolling Trimmer


Dahle 558 Professional Rolling Trimmer


Dahle 556s Professional Rolling Trimmer


Dahle 558s Professional Rolling Trimmer